How to start Online Sales?

How to start Online Sales?

Changes in the way travel products are sold

Previously, offline sales through land and travel agencies accounted for a large portion of sales, but as online sales, which are non-face-to-face purchases, become more active in the future, I think it's time for operators who have been passive in online sales.

Why do you need to prepare for online sales?

(1) the overwhelming growth of the online market

The activity market has grown at an average annual rate of less than 10% for 10 years, but the online market is growing at 15% per year. This means that travelers are overwhelmingly faster to buy online than offline.

(2) Travelers familiar with online purchases, travelers looking for more products online.

Travelers have already become accustomed to buying travel packages online, buying flights and accommodation online. I went on a trip to experience it, and I also want to do it online the way I purchased the experience product, the activity.

For travelers who already want to buy online, offering the products they want online leads to sales.

(3) a preemptive online market

Many activity providers have not started selling online, and only 8% of the total market has entered the online market. Now that 92% of businesses haven't entered the online market yet, it's time to take the lead and seize the opportunity.

Why should we start selling online now?

(1) This is because travelers who come to travel look for real-time experiences in the local area online.

In the case of Koreans, 60 percent carry passports and travel abroad 2.3 times a year.
I'm going to the same travel destination more than once.
In addition, the free travel market is bigger than the package, and more and more travelers search online to purchase the experience product they want after arriving on the trip because they value experience more than tourism.

(2) This is because the market is big but there is not enough information.

While many travelers are constantly looking for a variety of travel packages, there are many uniform products online that do not fully meet their needs.

Businesses that sell products only offline can increase sales opportunities by offering a variety of products to travelers online.

How to start selling online

There's a reason why online sales are not easy to come up with and it's hard to get ahead.
Because I don't know exactly what online sales are and I don't have much information about it.

First, I'll give you a quick overview of how you can start selling online and settle down.

(1) Selling to online channels

The first time you start selling online is most likely to register your product on an online channel.

You will start by contacting the MD representative of the online channel directly or accidentally finding an online sales platform and signing up.

There are three main types of online sales channels: Online Travel Agency (OTA), Social Commerce, and Open Market.

For more information, I'll explain it by channel in the next blog.

(2) Create your own online mall

You can make an online homepage and sell products. You can use the method of developing your own homepage and cloud services such as homepage WIX and IMWEB.

(3) Using GDS

It's not easy to register your products directly on multiple online channels.

With GDS, you can register your products on multiple platforms at once to prepare for online sales.

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