How to start sales at Trip.Com

Hello, I'm AX, who provides online sales automation services for Tour & Activity Suppliers.
AX automatically provides real-time ordering, inventory, and settlement management of multiple channels so that Tour & Activity Suppliers can focus only on delivering services.
Today, I would like to introduce how to enter to those who are preparing to sell tour and activity products online after COVID-19!

(1) Confirmation of eligibility

1) Vendor Qualification

You can check the certification qualifications required to register the product through the certification guidelines.

Enter a registered country, registered city.The vendor category is the product category you want to sell, and you choose from travel agencies, tour and ticket product offerings, and mobile service providers.

3) To select an application area

Please select the product you want to sell. Please select all the products you want to sell.

4) Confirmation of eligibility

Select the product you want to sell and click Search to explain your qualifications.Please prepare documents that fit your qualifications in advance!

(2) Supplier application

1) Approval of an application

  1. Create basic information.
  2. Create information for your company information.
  3. Create cooperative operational information.
  4. Register your credentials
  5. I approve the application. Approval of applications will be processed within 3-7 business days.

2) Meeting with your manager

  1. Once the application is approved, the manager in charge will be assigned and the manager will have a meeting.
  2. Discuss the product and settlement information with the manager in charge.

3) Create a contract (Actual contract)

After the meeting with the manager in charge, I will fill out the actual contract, and I will check the contents of the contract.

  1. Settlement time
  2. A settlement account
  3. Scope of Business for Sales of Travel Goods
  4. Other (Additional documents required)
  5. The method of sealing is to seal the actual contract with the head office in China. The contract will be completed when we receive the contract that the head office replied to after the seal.

4) Creating an Account

  1. Once the contract is completed, a Admin account will be created.
  2. You can now register your travel package through the Admin.

For more information on entering, please contact Customer Center!

So far, I've introduced how to enter to sell travel products.

As mentioned above, you can register products by entering each channel, but if you register the product on AX once, you can register with several online channels without having to enter the Tour & Activity Suppliers separately in each channel.

Next time, I'll be back with a post on how to register for a travel package on!

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